A 195-Billion Pixel Panoramic Interactive image into Shanghai

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It was later debunked as bogus but nevertheless, the images are breath-taking and were taken by ordinary professional camera

Despite first apperance since 2015, the photos taken from the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai over the course of several months were mislead as a result of a new technology, namly Quantum technology. At first, this seems believable since there is not even a part of the photo without ridiculous detail.

Try it out directly on your browser via BigPixel or using a snippet below.

However, the image was taken by BigPixel, in form of massive photos of cities and beaches shot and created a panorama of Shanghai for the first time. The result as seen is uncanny using hundreds of billions of pixels, 195-Billion Pixels to be exact and the detail is incredible.

In retrospect, as the phenomenon risen, there are concerns over how this technology has the potential to be used, for better or worse such as crime detection or citizen monitoring. Regardless, with the recent news of a Social Credit System, this is definitely an interesting approach.