Samsung’s GoodVibes app for the Deafblind people

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Samsung India has launched a film ‘Caring For The Impossible’ around its Good Vibes app which seeks to be a communication tool for the deafblind – those afflicted by both visual and hearing disabilities.

Without the ability to see, hear or speak, the deafblind can’t express themselves. This is the challenge faced by lots of deafblind people in India. Samsung presents Good Vibes, a two-way communication app that enables them to communicate with family, friends or anyone else through their smartphones.

Samsung's GoodVibes video Samsung released a video featured a deaf girl who is unable to talk to her mother. But the girl easily talks to her mother through the Good Vibes app.

Samsung Good Vibes uses Morse Code which converts vibrations into text or voice and text or voice into vibrations. In Morse Code, letters are represented as a combination of dots and dashes.

The deafblind person inputs a short tap (dot) and a long press (dash) to form a message. While, a person with normal sight and hearing can input a message as text or voice, that is received as a combination of short and long vibrations, which the deafblind can interpret.

To know more about GoodVibes, watch the thumbnail video or visit their main page.