Mercedes-Benz and Bosch operate Automated Ride-hailing service in San José

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After Hyundai Motor launched a so-called “BotRide” robotaxi test in Irvine, California, Mercedes-Benz and Bosch pilot their own Ride-hailing program in San José. This is the result of both companies working together for more than two years on solving issues related to operating autonomous vehicles safely on crowded city streets.

The common goal is an SAE Level 4/5 driving system for fully automated and driverless vehicles, including the software for vehicle management.

"Mercedes-Benz S-Class automated vehicle Ride-hailing service" Mercedes-Benz S-Class automated vehicle from the Ride-hailing service pilot program. More in thumbnail video

While Mercedes-Benz provides the vehicles, Bosch develops and manufactures components for urban automated driving. Participants hail a ride using an app developed by Daimler Mobility AG which allows potential ride-hailing partners to seamlessly integrate self-driving vehicles into their daily routine. The developed platform manages both self-driving and conventional vehicles, including operation and maintenance.

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