Urban planning application using Artificial Intelligence from Ford City Insights

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This times, instead of a new car, Ford introduces an AI-powered system promising in urban planning application. The City Insights platform consists of four main sectors: safety, parking, transit, and most importantly a 3D model that extrapolate information from other components. That is, the platform aims to address straight forward issue such as available parking spaces and where are those open spaces.

Originated from Ann Arbor, Michigan where the authority decided not to build a new parking structure and instead figure out how to direct drivers to open parking spaces with Ford for 18 months.

Not only that, the platform utilizes AI and data from a variety of source, including traffic cameras, parking garages status, and police reports for an in-depth analysis and report which roads are most likely to happen collisions and thus suggest alternative transportation mode, namely shuttles or scooters.

Ford City Insights turns traffic, parking, and police data into insight to figure out how to improve daily driving experience.

As mentioned, the fourth part of City Insights platform is the City Insights Studio made up of 3D-printed buildings and city blocks that projected on the screen showing maps and data. That being said, the generated results are partly from the contribution of Ford vehicle owner themself who have opted in to data sharing.

Besides that, Ford has worked with more cities about its “City:One challenge mobility” program and expected to expand the program in the near future.

Read more about their progress from Medium.