BMW test-drive SAE L4 Automated Vehicle at #NEXTgen 2019 in Japan

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The test-drive, as showed in the video was offered in the following manner:

  • Dispatching via a smartphone and the parked vehicle comes and picks the passenger up

  • Unlocking, also via a smartphone and the passenger gets seated in the back and starts the car using a panel installed in the middle of the rear seats

  • The vehicle automatically drives in between other vehicles and stops when another vehicle gets in the way

  • The passenger gets off, and the vehicle parks by itself

There was no one seated on the driver’s seat and the detection status of the AD system was shown to the passenger through the monitor during the test.

"BMW SAE L4 Driving Experience" Autonomous BMW 7-Series in Japan with panel controller in the passenger seat. Source:

The vehicle is BMW 7 Series-based and equipped with

  • Two GPS antennas on the car roof
  • Four LiDARs/radars at each vehicle corner
  • Five cameras: one on each A-pillar; one on each front fender; one on the rear of the car roof
  • As well as the conventional trifocal camera, front camera, and rear camera, or sonars and accelerometers.

"BMW Personal Copilot System in the 7-Series Trunk" The trunk is filled with devices such as data logger and I/O unit of sensor channel. Source:

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